Pilates Mat II – Enhance your teaching & therapeutic skills for Matwork.

This is the second level in the mat courses series. This course will enhance teaching skills and introduce the advanced mat exercises as well as additional exercises. We will explore back disc issues and osteoporosis in order to learn how to work with these special populations. We will focus on assessment, learning how to assess posture, flexibility and strength.

Pilates Mat II: 15 – 18 Nov, 2021. Exam on 19th

In this Advance Mat Course we will focus on the advanced exercises that requires a higher level of strength, flexibility and balance.
-We will refine our teaching skills and enhance our skills on how to break down and progress the exercises in a way that will suit the student&;s abilities and needs.
– We will do a comprehensive postural assessment and know how to use it with our students as diagnosing tool, training your eye to see subtle alignment issues and weaknesses.
– We will also learn common pathologies such as lower back pain, disc pathologies and Osteoporosis and learn how to work with these students safely and progressively.



Contact hours           30  hours (in class)
Personal practice      10 hours
Teaching practice     20 hours
Total hours: 60 hours


– Anatomy exam
– Theory exam
– Practical exam

Time: 9 am – 4 pm, From 15 – 18 Nov, 2021, The exam on 19th

Upon successfully passing this course, you will become Certified with an international degree approved by the PMA (Pilates Method Alliance – the largest and most prestigious organization founded by Pilates’ father Joseph H. and Clara Pilates).  Your degree is valid worldwide and indefinitely.  Find out more at https://www.bodyandflow.com/ and https://www.pilatesmethodalliance.org  

When you have attended and graduated Pilates training courses, you can always enroll again in the following years completely FREE not only in Hanoi but all countries associated with The Body and Flow  (Thailand, France, USA, Italy, Laos, …)


Course materials and content will be available to you through our secure, private Teacher-Training website, that you get access to upon making payment to join the course.
You will get a personal online account where you can access manage your learning material.
Offline studybook: Mat II, provided 3 weeks before the course.


1. What if I miss any sessions or learning hours
– Students are required not to be absent for more than 16 hours in class. Or else, they will have to retake the course and the tests.

2. Does the course assign homework?
– Yes. And students have to finish homework as a part of graduation requirements.

3. How many students does each course usually have? 
– The average number is about 10-15 students per course. It’s a cozy class and you will be closer to your teacher.

4. What if I fail a test?
– You can retake the test for free.

5. What is your support for improve our teaching skill after graduated? 
– We provide community classes for fresh Pilates Teachers to teach here at both Zenith Au Co & Kim Ma Studio.

Or-Yah (Ory) Avni

Owner & Founder

Flow International Education Programs.
She has professionally taught movement and bodywork as a Pilates (and yoga) instructor in the US, Europe and Asia for over 15 years, and has been a major influence to growing the entire Pilates industry throughout Asia.
As a teacher of teachers, Ory has certified over 500 instructors from all over the world and is known for her deep knowledge, well-structured and organized classes emphasizing technique, incorporating flowing movement, breath work and… fun!

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Pilates Teacher

Course intructor Or-Yah (Ory) Avni is owner & founder of Body & Flow International Education Programs. She has professionally taught movement and bodywork as a Pilates (and yoga) instructor in the US, Europe and Asia for over 15 years, and has been a major influence to growing the entire Pilates industry throughout Asia. As a teacher of teachers, Ory has…

Dinh Thi Hong Ha

Dinh Thi Hong Ha

Pilates teacher

  “Change happens through movement and movement heals” Joseph Pilates I started Yoga  after my third baby was born. Back then my lower back was hurting and my body was so weak. I took Yoga classes as a physical exercise with the hope to strengthen my back. It worked! The post pregnancy back pain was also getting less and less.…

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Customer Testimonials

When I tried the Pilates class in Hanoi, I found it great, it changed my way of thinking about using core muscles in practice.So I decided to take the Pilates International Teacher Training course. In just 5 short school days, I learned about anatomy, body parts, how to write lessons and guide students.I am very happy to be teaching Pilates, I bring joy, happiness, how to use core muscles and be safe in Pilates.

Huong Thien Trieu

Pilates Teacher

I studied Mat I & Mat II at Zenith 1 year ago. After that, I continuously practice myself and teach. When teaching, I often combine teaching one session of Yoga and Pilates. Or combine core lessons in yoga exercises to strengthen core muscles. I feel fortunate to study with Miss Ory because of her professionalism, methodology and detail. She has meticulous and detailed instructions not only how to practice but also how to guide students, ensuring safety in practice. I recommend that you study Mat I immediately in Mat II so that the knowledge is general, complete and thorough in teaching Pilates on the mat and you should go to the practice center before the course to understand how to use breath in Pilates. .

Ha Thanh Nguyen

Pilates Tacher & trading sportswear

Fast like lightning… After 12 days of Pilates Mat I, I finished a 12-day pass with so much knowledge and skills. The most fun is eating, studying and chatting with the whole bunch of me kute sisters Continue to give Mat II a burning spirit Yoga and Pilates are great together, but the sword fuses spades like a tiger growing wings

Nga Yo-PI

Yoga Pilates Tacher



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